ERGO-MED™ is a unique synergy between ergonomics and disability management. ERGO-MED™ is an expert-based system which is data-driven. It involves a high tech and high touch approach or a combination of precise measures with human touch. The ERGO-MED™ program is designed to prevent cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) or repetitive strain disorders (RSDs) at any point along the employment or disability continuum from; pre-placement, with incumbent employees or during return-to-work (RTW) programs for injured workers

The ERGO-MED™ program was initially developed through a collaboration of an ergonomist/safety specialist  and educator/physical therapist specializing in work injury (David W. Clifton, PT, BS) to address the shortcomings of the “medical-only” and “ergonomics-only” approaches to disability prevention and management especially, in the prevention of cumulative trauma disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, neck and low back injury.

Success in every RTW program is measured by safe and efficient RTW through appropriate matching of an injured worker to a worksite or workstation. When there is a mismatch, a worker is placed at risk of re-injury. ERGO-MED™ combines “administrative controls” and “engineering controls” to prevent or mitigate existing disability.

Ergonomists are well versed in the engineering domain while physical therapists are THE functional experts. This unique enterprise represents a marriage of ergonomics and rehabilitation, an intimate understanding of the human-workplace interaction and guides the RTW process assuring that it is done safely, productively and expediently.

ERGO-MED™ provides a number of benefits for both the employer and employee:

• Controls workers’ compensation costs (direct medical & indemnity) complies with ADA requirements
• Enhances worker productivity and product quality
• Elevates employee morale
• Potentially reduces EEOC claims       
• Demonstrates an employer’s commitment to health & fitness