David Clifton

David W. Clifton, PT

David W. Clifton has spent the past 35 years specializing in work-related injury and disability prevention-treatment-management. He brings a highly unique perspective enriched by collaboration and networking with a constellation of health care participants.

On a professional level, David has addressed disability & workers’ compensation challenges from the role of providing physical therapist, peer/utilization reviewer, adjunct professor, researcher, presenter, consultant and author. Perhaps most importantly, on a personal level; David has sustained workers’ compensation injuries himself and has confronted the many obstacles to recovery facing every claimant. He possesses balanced thinking about how to prevent and manage disability. This balance has positioned him as a well- respected medico-legal expert with experience on both the plaintiff and defense sides of the disability issue. Equally important is David’s role for the past several decades of bridging the chasm existing between health care payers and medical providers in this maelstrom we call healthcare.   

Physical Rehabilitation's Role in Disability Management: Unique Perspectives for Success

St Louis; MO, Elsevier/Saunders 2004

“This book will be extremely valuable for those stakeholders who establish healthcare payment policy as well as for those who evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of our services from a payment perspective.” 

Mary Foto, OT, FAOTA, CCM
Forward from Physical Rehabilitation’s Role in Disability Management

"David Clifton bridges the gap between many professions in his exploration of his ideas and new horizons”.

Susan J. Isernhagen, PT, President DSI Work Systems