SHERPA™ PROGRAM: Problem Analysis Approach

There are occasions when a client is unsure of which strategy to employ in a disability and injury management case. D+WC can help to guide the process of selecting the most effective solution on an individual basis or population-based scale whether it involves Disability Prevention, Management or Forensics.

Like Sherpa’s we identify the safest path, scale obstacles and face challenges alongside our partners. We want to earn our referrals by taking on the greatest challenges. Together we want to conquer medical’s “Mt. Everest”… chronic disability.

D+WC does the heavy lifting for our clients especially in complex disability cases. It is often cited that “20% of claims consume 80% of total claims costs.” Send us your most difficult cases; unlike some competitors we do not live on the low hanging fruit, by simply squeezing network providers for steeper discounts. There is a paucity of evidence that low cost networks enhance clinical outcomes and disability-related costs may actually rise due to “neglected disability,” “delays in rehab” and protracted use of extenders of care.

Our SHERPA™ program consists of a process that some may variously describe as a “needs analysis,” “systems analysis,” “fault tree analysis” or “situational analysis.” D+WC through its SHERPA™ program assists employers, third party administrators, insurance companies, case management companies and other payers in the selection of disability prevention, management, and forensic strategies that are value-based and offer the most potential for successful outcomes at reasonable cost. The greatest advantage of SHERPA™ is that our client receives an innovative solution best suited to their specific needs, not what a vendor pulls off the shelf.

Our team is comprised of rehabilitation and disability management experts who have contributed to the body of knowledge, taught rehab & disability curricula, treated injured workers, assessed worksites and served as medico-legal experts.

Our Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist consultants are THE functional experts within the provider universe.  

D+WC believes optimal value and outcome results occur when education and training are the bedrock in which all interventions are anchored. We are the pitons! D+WC provides education to every healthcare stakeholder to ensure they benefit from the shared disability management experience. Our partners in this process include; claims adjusters, case managers, attorneys, providers, employers, TPAs and the patient or injured worker.  

We know our world [disability]; the perils and the rewards.