“Your services are saving us money and if we could get more compliance, it would save us even more.”
Workers Compensation Claims Director, HQ Casualty Insurance, Long Grove, Illinois

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the services. The referrals have been dealt with promptly and the results have been more than adequate. We have been able to maintain good management over our files due to the assistance of your program. I will continue to forward files for review in the future and thank you once again for a job well done on numerous occasions.”
Claims Supervisor, HQ Casualty Insurance Company, WI

“We find your reports to be clear, compelling, and supported by facts. Thank you again for your professional assistance in our claim handling efforts.”
Claims Supervisor, Regional Workers’ Compensation Office, Reading, PA

“I felt it was necessary to inform you that I was extremely pleased with your services. This claim was exceedingly unusual and your input to my decision making process was invaluable. I did wish to let you know how very satisfied I was with your service. I will undoubtedly be using you again in the near future.”
Claims Adjustor, HQ Third Party Administrator,  Atlanta, GA

“Thank you so much for coming to speak with our group. Your presentation was not only informative but entertaining. We are very pleased with the reports we have been receiving from your service.”
Medical Coordinator, HQ Casualty Insurance Company, Hartford, CT

“Thanks for a fine presentation. Our audience rated you a 9.3 on a scale of 10. I rated you a “10”. I sincerely hope you can return soon to produce a video for training purposes.”
Claims Training Specialist, HQ Automobile Insurance Company, San Antonio, TX

“As you can see, the referee (Workers’ Compensation Judge) generally accepted your testimony over that of the claimant’s treating physician and physical therapist, I believe in a large part because of your excellent testimony and reliance on applicable regulations and professional standards.”
Workers’ Compensation Defense Attorney, representing a national freight company, Harrisburg, PA

“David’s company delivers consistent, evidenced-based and defensible workers’ compensation expert reports.”
Workers’ Compensation Defense Attorney, national grocery store chain, Phila, PA

“Just a follow-up to your testimony, we prevailed on the physical therapy issues you testified to, but failed to prove our case with our Orthopaedic Surgeon’s testimony.”
Plaintiff Attorney, former President Pennsylvania Trials Lawyers Assn., Phila, PA


“You are a dedicated leader of the profession, a status you deservedly earned through your past and current contributions across a broad spectrum of services. Your reputation is such that both American Physical Therapy Association members and those outside the Association will respond favorably to your leadership efforts.”
Past President Foundation for Physical Therapy, Alexandria, VA

“On behalf of the Board of Directors it is my privilege to invite you to serve on the Task Force on Physical Therapy and Taxonomy Coding. Your background and expertise will provide input needed to fulfill the purposes of this task force.”
Past President American Physical Therapy Association, Alexandria, VA

“Professionally, Dave has taken responsibility to ensure and provide high quality care to his customers. He achieves this by keeping current with advancements in technology and best practices in the field. Dave is a rare individual with high standards, morals and values. He is willing to do anything within his power to be successful as a professional and a person.”
Director of Outpatient Rehabilitation, Large Multi-Hospital Health Care System, Bryn Mawr, PA


“David Clifton is an innovator and a forward thinker in the area of physical therapy and rehabilitation. David Clifton is greatly respected throughout our profession.”
Past President of the American Physical Therapy Association’s Private Practice section, Alexandria, VA

“I was always impressed with David’s diagnostic skills, honesty, and care for his patients and his clinical results. His clinical skills and peer review background place him on the leading edge as we enter the next century of health care.”
Medical Doctor, Sharon Hill, PA